the smallest fridge there ever was

the drive out here was as expected: long and boring. we ended up losing one another along the way due to bathroom stops, tolls and me getting a speeding ticket. they hover at the OH/PA state line because the limit changes and of course they catch all the amateurs. it was a nice hefty fine, but i guess i had it coming.

our stop in cleveland was well planned. we acquired a dining table and a much needed bookshelf which is currently already straining to contain the boxes of books we have and will accumulate. we were also given a bag of cleaning supplies and trash bags which were put to immediate use, and a little gingersnap candle.

the apartment…is small. i am working to make it cozy at least, but for now it is strewn with boxes, dirty and stifling. there’s no AC, so we’ve got all the windows propped open, and an emergency fan we went to walmart to get yesterday.

the greatest surprise came in the form of what the landlord refers to as a small fridge. granted, a full fridge wouldn’t fit in there, but we got half a gallon of milk yesterday and now we are unable to put anything else in there. i asked the landlord about it this morning, and he kept on saying that’s why he advertised the place for a single person. maybe a miniature single person. he’s offered to try to return it and reimburse us for its value if we find a bigger fridge that will fit so hopefully we can sort that out or we’ll be living off canned fruit and vegetables.

otherwise…it’s been sad. we’re struggling to find the balance between wondering why we are here in such a crappy apartment, and being grateful for an awesome deal on rent and every day we are given. the thing is, we came here for westminster, and nate really likes it. he had orientation yesterday and met a bunch of people, and he’s excited to take classes (spouses can audit classes for free so he says i should see if anything looks interesting. ha.). the first couple months in a new place is always difficult so i know we just have to stick it out.

small fridge.JPG



  1. hahaha, loved the post… you’re hilarious. Sorry I’m getting such a laugh out of your dire situation, but your word choice forces it out of me. ;D There’s more room for improvement when it starts out so bad, right? Hope you get a bigger fridge.. not a dorm fridge!

    miss you guys!


  2. I love the post. really. Man only you and Nate would tryto throw stuff at each others car. hahha. seriously it’s truly a “pugh” thing. ^^

    Isn’t it uncomfortable for Nate not being able to stand? wow. I hope he doesn’t get back problems or else he’ll just be home to sleep (which requires no standing).

    I love the pictures of the place and of your tiny fridge. I can’t imagine you guys eating canned food. hahha maybe youcan get one of those college fridges because at the end of the school year everyone throws them out!

    You should def audit classes! I always wanted to go to seminary and who cares about getting the degree when it’s free learning? dude do it! Don’t they have counseling or family ministry kind of thing? That’ll be good right?

    And Nate, I am impressed by your carpenter skills. You are truly becoming like Jesus! ^^

    LOVE THE BLOG. MISS YOU BOTH! I MUST VISIT! Today’s layover in philly taught me how tatsy philly cheese steaks were! (it was my first!!!)


  3. i love the pictures!! i feel like i am there in your home in the corner watching you guys eating dinner at the miniature table and reading books in a miniature couch and the sorts.
    i miss you sosoooooooooooooo much please write in this every single day even if nothing happens or else i will worry..


    the fridge is HILARIOUSSSS
    but seriously, now that you are in this new artsy city I expect you to come back with tattoos, piercing, and dress all urban and stuff….
    I am praying for you, dont worry, God is with you guys every step of the way 🙂

    and wow the bookshelf is so awesome, at first I thought it was the shelf NAte’s mom gave you guys, but seriously I love it. Props to your man.

    Keep writing, this way I know what is up with you and can laugh at you….
    but seriously I laugh at you….

    Love you and miss you,


  5. hahaha!! i couldn’t stop laughing. you guys have a wonderful way of making the best out of everything. miss you guys tons!!


  6. love the post. can’t wait to see it in person! particularly love the kitchen. it’s so charming! i guess it matches the little fridge except I don’t know how you’re going to function out of that hobbit fridge.


  7. Looks like all the training we gave you in moving so many times across oceans and cultures is proving to be useful.. You adapt and adjust – to the house (big or small), place and making new friends.. We have grown in the process and life becomes richer. Can’t wait to come and see it for ourselves.. So many exciting things are happening at our end.. maybe next year we will visit hilly philly. Luvumissu, p


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