all by ourselves…

we are facing the stark reality of having no friends. friday night found us walking down the hill to get Italian ice at a place called Rita’s, then walking into the neighborhood behind our apartment…and ending up watching part of the local high school football game. it was a sad moment to be standing next to half-empty bleachers under glaring stadium lights, surrounded by middle schoolers running around and squealing.

our attic apartment-cum-oven has been transformed, thanks to a two-day frenzy of unpacking and two newly acquired AC units. our downstairs neighbors knocked on our door last week and witnessed first-hand the blazing inferno that was our apartment and suggested we use the two air conditioners that were sitting in the basement. they also invited us over on Saturday night to watch a movie, probably because it is evident that we don’t have much going on. we decided to pick up some beer and learned that state law requires you to buy alcohol from a beer distributor, by the case. no more tossing a six-pack into our cart at the grocery store. not to mention the hassle of trying to cram a case of beer into our midget-sized fridge. we also spent labor day with them, grilling out in the backyard. they’re pretty great neighbors, but also have a tendency to complain about westminster and launching into theological debates.

classes start tomorrow ! we’re also starting to look for jobs, so that’s something you can pray for – to have patience that God will bring something our way in due time, and that we will find jobs that are challenging and fulfilling.



  1. INTO A YETI! hahha Yes post pictures of the transformation.

    And haha i thought it was hilarious that you said But yo, God gave you friends, your neighbors!

    Props to Nate on that making table. seriously, its great. I was expecting a plain ol’ rectangle but as i scrolled down, i was pleasantly surprised! 🙂

    Cheesesteak is yummy but I agree it doesn’t settle very well in my stomach. I think it’s the large intake of fat all at once that our body can’t handle it.

    Love the blog, keep blogging! miss you!


  2. Chrissy, I love your blog.. it is funny and informative..It is sure novel to have a Yeti for a SIL (son-in-law)! The desk that the Yeti-man made.. you can patent it and sell it to Ikea!

    We can’t wait to come visit hilly philly.. By the way, I received email from Todd Wohler.. you remember them from Paris.. their youngest daughter, Brittany, is in 2nd year engineering at UPenn.. I don’t know how far that is from you.. but when we visit, we hope the parents will visit her as well and we can connect again.


  3. i am glad to see the improvement on the fridge… warm beer, yuck! (i would know)

    i am sad because i read this post way too late, i am not a very good follower.. but good luck to you nate!!!!!
    i miss you guys here in this cornland.. <33


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