caffeine high

we’ve been maximizing on the free drinks nate gets at starbucks. i ordered a venti for the first time ever, and realized just how much more caffeine and calories are packed in. we’ve been drinking an exponentially greater amount of coffee and tea but have also developed a bad case of insomnia.

philadelphia vs. chicago:

#10. a chipotle burrito is half the size
#9. “water” is pronounced /wʊdər/ (“wooder”)
#8. they have a dessert named “water ice”
#7. there is no rule against parking in the opposite direction that traffic is coming from
#6. there is no order to the roads and traffic lights are designed to stop the flow of traffic
#5. the zoo causes stand-still traffic on the highway in both directions
#4. their baseball team is named after the city itself
#3. beer is found at places like “BEER MART”, “BEER WORLD” and “BIG HEADS”
#2. cars park on the medium and don’t get tickets
#1. more people are interested in a monument to hollywood than to history. we discovered that the rocky statue is located across the street from a monument to George Washington, but everyone flocks to rocky and probably has no idea about the statue of America’s founding father.

rocky statue

we found a church that we like in university city near penn. it is predominantly asian american although we weren’t intentionally seeking that. it’s a young congregation, they preach from the bible, sing contemporary songs and meet in a beautiful old building.

goal for the week: revert to caffeine intake ca. two weeks ago.



  1. No way! You made that vest?!!! oh my! You both are just so talented! And woah, Philly is weird! Parking in the opposite directions is never heard of around here! I enjoyed the pictures and the updates!! heheh

    And how are you guys getting free coffee at starbucks?!


  2. how did i miss out on all this fun!! no im going to be stalking your blog!
    Love the vest! I just started knitting too! We should become knitting grannies:) haha i’ve been drinking coffee as well..yet my intake is much lower than yours cuz i have to pay for mine!:( gosh..philiy sounds so different from here!!


  3. hahaha your blog always makes me laugh.
    nice job with the vest!
    you guys should start a store that sells furniture and knitted stuff, maybe on etsy! or in a town where (who are those people who dont use electricity and ride horses?) they live. anyways, you should change your blog title to something other than phily sucks, it makes me sad.


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