creatures of habit

we’re embarking on a journey to obesity and beyond. our church organizes parish events every couple months, and the most recent was a cheesesteak crawl. some were pretty shady spots where we parked under an overpass, shuffled along unlit streets and realized that much of philly can only be described as grimy. despite eating cheese from a can, the combination of a “cheesesteak whiz wit” is worth the experience. we ended the night by cramming 20 asians and one large white man into an elevator, which proceeded to grind to a halt in protest half a floor up. we would probably still be crammed in there if not for nate who reached out and pried the doors open.

we’ve also discovered the candy bins at the grocery store down the street. it’s become a regular late night tradition to throw on some shoes and stand in a deserted grocery store deliberating between chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate, chocolate with coconut flakes, gummy bears and gummy worms.

we’ve joined a small group that tends to run long-winded in-depth bible studies on friday nights. last week we looked at the place of the tabernacle in Exodus, and the progression of the tabernacle as the dwelling place of god (Ex. 40:34-38), to Christ as the dwelling place (John 1:14), to us as the temple (1 Cor. 3:16-17), then coming full circle in revelation. i’m not a big fan of revelation, but the verses rev. 21:4, “he will wipe every tear from their eyes. there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away,” and rev. 21:22, “I did not see a temple in the city, because the lord god almighty and the lamb are its temple” (NIV) were really beautiful. i’ve thought a lot about loneliness lately. one explanation i’ve heard for loneliness and feeling distant from God is that our sinful minds create this erroneous idea that God is not present, and these moments of isolation are intended to give us a glimpse of God turning his back on Christ. except God actually was absent. i’ve also heard some people attribute loneliness to the fact that we are constantly seeking to meet a deep need within us that can only be met by Christ. a large part of what seems to be at play in loneliness is a sense that we don’t belong, and a lack of connection. i imagine that the new jerusalem will be this amazing reunion where God’s love trumps all.



  1. hahaha.. Nate looks like a giant in the kitchen. 😀

    And the ddukbokki looks good! You’re going to have to make it for me some day… soon!


  2. hahahaha, this is amazing! i loooove reading your writing! i’m debating which was my favorite part…

    (1) imagining you (just laughed out loud) standing there having to go pee only to find out that the cheesesteak “huts” had no bathroom. in addition to this secretly contemplating whether you should go in some alley… (hahhahahhahahaha).

    OR (2) your general theme of obesity. i believe the good Lord himself did not have a 6-pack, he was never so vain. but i imagine that as you get obese you get more holy!

    definitely most epic…!!! i can’t believe you guys got stuck in an ELEVATOR AND NATE PRIED THE DOORS OPEN!!!!!!!! God knows that i wanted nothing more than to be in the corner wiping up my own snot and drool from the laughter!

    Chreeestal and Naaaate, see you in JANUARY!!!!!!!!


  3. Autumn is beautiful.. change of colors but for a monotone like me, I won’t trade the Malaysia sun for a million autumns! We have a mobile modem and I am sending this from the music center.. with music in the air around.. heavenly.


  4. love your new update! totally in love with your kitchen by the did mention that your home had a small kitchen but thats kinda cute!
    we should have taken pictures of our experience in the restaurant would have made an interesting twist to your philly entries with 3 restaurant with one kitchen and that makeup man serving in all of them! haha miss you guys already! cant wait for another adventure in south jersey with you guys! we’ll go at it together till we find the right place! winter in the east is going to be interesting:) the lights were starting to come out in the city..! and i found a very very yummy pastry shop..ill have to snag some next time i meet you guys!


  5. I love your blog
    I hope all is well
    i also lost you address
    i need it
    so I can send you a letter…


  6. Love the way you tie in your daily experiences w scripture and biblical lessons. u r a super writer, great imagery, and u really draw out emotion w your words!! Love it!! Love u!! 🙂


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