homesick holiday humbug


holiday season! festivities! gaiety! obnoxious spectacle of lights and blow up lawn ornaments! i will never understand the appeal of lawn ornaments, let alone inflatable lawn ornaments, let alone covering your entire lawn with ornaments. pretty sure it just creates a driving hazard and does not actually contribute to spreading holiday cheer.

rant done.

however, i do love the period between thanskgiving and new year’s. we begin with thanksgiving and gluttony, then black friday, followed by weeks of marketing campaigns, window displays and parties. the only downside is January 2nd through April where there is nothing to look forward to but dark winter days and slushy streets.

since my family lives in southeast asia, the holiday season usually means a surge of homesickness. on the plus side, we don’t have to choose where to spend the holidays. we spent thanksgiving driving to raleigh to see one of nate’s sisters. we crawled through D.C. and baltimore traffic, enjoyed some sights and discovered moby’s “Play”, ten years late. thanksgiving itself was very…indian. for once, nate and his sister were the minorities. his brother-in-law’s family came over for thanksgiving, which meant several conversations about diabetes pills, stories and imitation indian accents.

we’ve had really awesome teaching this christmas season, taking a look at matthew’s account of jesus’s lineage:
1. (matt.1:18-19) the reason jesus was born in bethlehem was because joseph took mary with him to the census – which only men were required to go to – in order to ensure that nothing happened to mary in his absence. her pregnancy may have subjected her to public stoning. and he was chosen specifically to fill the role as jesus’s father…probably because God knew he would obey the angel and relinquish his reputation!
2. (matt. 1:1-17) genealogy. jesus didn’t come from a long line of great, amazing figures but a line of everyday joes, reiterating the humility of jesus’s birth and reason for his birth.

even though it’s been a pretty dismal several months, it’s highlighted tendencies and weaknesses that we either were not aware of or hadn’t confronted. hopefully we are progressing in character even if it we are regressing in other aspects.



  1. Heck! Yeah!
    You’re blog is great, you are a great writer. Have you considered a career in writing for Good Housekeeping magazine??? If you haven’t, you def should. You are the quintessential American housewife.


  2. Love it!!! I second ly…u r a great writer!! U should see how u can get ur work more exposure in some magazines !! 🙂


  3. whoaaa… look at the moving snowflakes! 😀
    Merry Christmas, Christal!

    .. and I know something cheery that’ll be happening between the months of Jan and April this year – our reunion in Boston!!! Be excited.


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