the best friends gang

peter and nate: a modern day david and jonathan, major bromance, a meeting of minds, the melding of hearts. they got off on the wrong foot during college due to some misunderstandings and assumptions, but at my urging, let go of grudges and proceeded to become the best of friends.

peter came to visit, and as usual we sit around in between eating and more eating. from nights spent at denny’s in college, to our post-friday night debriefings where we lived the high life drinking the high life and working our way through a bag of flamin hot cheetos, we do little else. not much has changed, and in the span of four days, we consumed: frozen pizza, chips, a total of 12 tacos and 1 burrito, cheesesteaks, fries, new york style pizza, chick-fil-a, fried appetizers, pub-style sandwiches and homestyle fries, cupcakes and artisan chocolates, more cheesesteaks and new york style pizza, slurpees, ice cream, pho and more cheesesteaks.

it is rare that people find great friendship. unshakable loyalty and unwavering connection, void of jealousy, the ability to celebrate with and mourn with, an appreciation of, outrageous laughter and unhindered trust. i’ve seen few friendships so lucid, it is a gift.



  1. I got a shoutout!!!!

    I would like to quote Peter at the end of our disturbing conversation: “I’m glad I could share my homosexual experiences with you.” Yeah, he actually said that.

    You should tell Nate that customers usually prefer to receive drinks that are full… or maybe that’s just how people roll in Philly?

    Dang. I want to come visit. Next time Peter roadtrips, I’m coming with.


  2. seriously I laughed so hard in this desolate study room in the basement of the library looking at pictures of peter and nate and enjoying your writing. goodness what a great post! thank you!


  3. i’m confused. you KNIT a pair of pants for peter? huh?

    and if so, my respect for you has gone through the roof. amen.


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