winter phun

i was introduced to winter at the age of eight, when we first moved to France and my parents decided to take us on a road trip to some godforsaken land covered in snow. until then, we lived in the tropics of southeastern asia or the deserts of the middle east, so my mother felt it was necessary to deck me out in ski gear for a walk through town. i was to be paraded in public wearing mint green ski gear with pink detailing. the pants were too small, adding that wedgie factor. i protested vehemently, wailing and kicking and stomping. the irony of this is that i now consider buying a snow suit every winter to wear in everyday situations like grocery shopping.

nate’s parents live in ohio, and their family consists of 10 adults, three children and a 6-week old baby so we rarely do much. this year, nate decided to walk down to the creek by his parents’ house and found part of it frozen, so he invented ice soccer. we ended up doing this most of the week, drawing family members of all ages, sizes and skill. as a result, i discovered methods to stay warm:

1. encase the extremities: i am surprised that things like gloves, hats and socks can really work wonders in maintaining body heat.

2. layers: additional warmth, additional cushioning. never mind that the cashier at mcdonald’s feels the need to tell you that the breakfast meal already includes hashbrowns, to which you have to respond, “yes, i know, but i want two. and also an extra sausage mcmuffin.”



  1. First sight of snow was winter ’94 – our first year in Paris, when we drove from to see the famous Christmas market in Friesburg, Germany.. En route, we passed the Alsace region (where the Schlumberger brothers orginated and territory claimed intermittently by France and Germany in the past, but now considered part of France).. it snowed and we stopped to play in the snow… Your memory of what you did is superb.


  2. So white. Snow white! I love snow. We’re supposed to get 20 inches of it in the next two days. Pretty sure my school won’t have a snow day. And even if we did, teachers are still expected to get there as early as possible! Pray for me. :S


  3. hahaha, weggie. and gloria if your school didn’t close in THIS… man i got new respect for you guys. you are hard core…


  4. I want to “like” your posts, but then it makes me sign up for wordpress and i don’t necessarily want to do that…. :/


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