if you are looking for a way to contribute to relief efforts in japan then keep reading! with natural disasters that happen elsewhere it’s hard to be empathetic because we feel so removed from the situation, but here are some direct ways to get involved since our friends are on the ground in japan. most of you know the millards, and some of you have met their friends luke & kaleb. their passion and desire to serve the people of japan is evident. their heart to spread the gospel in japan is 100% for the glory of God and their love for everyone that they meet is refreshing. luke and kaleb’s parents live up in sendai (close to the epicenter), and their house is miraculously still intact so the’re housing evacuees. the millards live in tokyo but have been making the 5 hour drive to bring supplies up to sendai. a lot of the foreign aid groups are prevented from getting up to the sendai area but the millards managed to procure a government truck and are able to bring supplies from tokyo up to sendai for the next month. the supplies in tokyo are also minimal, and fuel is being rationed – they can only get 2 or 3 gallons after waiting in line for an hour.

1. pray. maybe you don’t even know what to pray for and can’t pray for more than 30 seconds. God knows that the human mind goes on tangents. just keep at it. if we believe that God is in control, then we should have faith that he will answer our prayers in the best way possible.
here are the names of the ones that are in japan if you want to pray for them specifically, but they also have other family members like wives and babies in the U.S. so pray for them as well:
Noah, Joey, Ai, Davy, Yumiko, Tora, Jim, & Masako Millard
Cal, Edie, Luke, Daniel, & Kaleb Cummings
and HERE is a prayer that john piper wrote out if you can’t formulate your thoughts verbally, although the psalms are always another good source when you have no idea how to pray.

2. donate money. right now they are using their own funds to buy whatever supplies they can get a hold of, but they can use all the help they can get since they have access to a truck and a pass to get up to sendai.

#1 – donating online/paypal: Click HERE

#2 – mail a check:
(You can write on check memo ‘for relief mission’)
Sunrise International Ministries
PO Box 70405
Eugene, OR 97401

#3 – mail a check to luke & kalebs’ parents who live in sendai:
(send check payable to CALVIN CUMMINGS, and ask them to specifically deposit the money to Calvin & Edie Cummings)
Japan Mission, Grace OPC church
151 S. Broadway
Fairlawn, NJ 07410

there are a couple more ways to contribute, like wiring money and sending supplies, so let me know if you want that information since it’s a little more detailed.

let’s also pray that we will have the same sense of urgency about praying for and loving those immediately around us, that we won’t wait for something like a natural disaster or a national tragedy for us to be reminded to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12Matthew 22).


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