green thumbs

spring means we can finally start planting and move steadily towards nate’s dream of being self-sustaining. thanks to groupon, we stocked up on bags of miracle gro, seeds for vegetables and herbs and gardening miscellany. i have little interest in gardening, but fresh produce really is noticeably different.

Rita’s also gives out free water ice on the first day of spring. naturally we tried to stop by as many as we could. starting after church, we stood in line for about 15 minutes before being rewarded with free rita’s. we tried another one, but stood in line for a good 30 minutes and moved about two feet. on the way home, we went to the rita’s half a mile from our house, and only had to wait in line for about 10 minutes and seriously considered getting back in line for seconds. we decided to wait until later that night and planned on meeting some friends about 30 minutes before closing, stood in line for about 20 minutes, and managed to wrangle four free water ices, just in time for our friends to show up.

we spent easter weekend visiting nate’s sister in raleigh, sitting in traffic most of the way down. apart from an SUV with a penis drawn into the dust of their back window, and youths honking at adjacent cars while waving enthusiastically, there was little in the form of entertainment. nate and his brother-in-law spent the weekend playing video games and working up a sweat. other activities included trampolining, washing the cars, playing basketball, go-karting and mini-golfing, painting easter eggs, watching movies, hunting for easter eggs, making pudding and overeating. on a trip to the grocery store an elderly lady smiled kindly at me and told me all about her children and grandchildren and how one day i too would have my own. i think she thought i was an adopted child.

our hobbit home has once again turned into an oven and we are not looking forward to the next three months of stifling air. although summertime also means tennis season and vitamin D. in two short weeks, nate will complete his first year of seminary and will be on summer break!



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