oven living

there is no air flow and we’ve realized just how hot it can get in our attic home. we have become increasingly grateful for a little window AC unit that nate found at a thrift store, except that we only have one which has been installed in our bedroom. we progressed from eating on the couch in our living room to eating on our bed.

yesterday, as we were beginning our daily game of tennis, gray clouds began to loom in the distance and the wind started to blow and for the first time, i was excited at the prospect of rain. i was also reading Cry, the Beloved Country where they were suffering from a severe drought. as i felt the first brush of cool air, i imagined their struggle and restoration, and the promise the rains brought of growth, nourishment and life. i wanted to find a field to run in and smear myself with handfuls of dirt to celebrate this land of freedom and abundance.

a couple weeks ago we discussed this passage in our small group: “Be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains” (James 5:7), and discussed how waiting to harvest until the rains came would enable them to gather a harvest of maximum yield. if they succumbed to the risk of losing their entire crop if the rains come too late, if they were not patient and harvested before the rains, they would sell themselves short. i have been thinking and trying to put into practice the discipline of patience by not making hasty decisions and have faith that God will provide the best in his timing. maybe in the scope of eternity, two months or two years is really a drop in the bucket.

recently, nate has gotten several comments likening him to celebrities. during our wedding reception in malaysia, one of the guests told him earnestly that he looks like Brad Pitt. during NFL season, he was likened to Tom Brady. most recently, there have been a flood of comments that he looks “like the guy in Thor”. i personally see more of a zach galifinakis.



  1. “our dream is to one day eat at a dining table, across from one another, where nate does not have to hunch over like an oversized ogre freak living in a doll house eating off of miniature plates with a miniature fork.”–My favorite part of the blog.


    I voted “other” (hybrid of Chris and Zach). Har Har

    I love your blogs. i also like how you make me look up words like “stalwart”…


  2. I was reading this during one of my study breaks and seriously i laughed so loud in the library, i got dirty looks from 2 ppl.

    Love your writing! Thank you for sharing that God’s time is worth waiting for even though I get so impatient at times and man you know how to make us laugh. I LOVE YOU.


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