the canoe

every so often, nate fights the urge to fill a backpack with survival essentials and escape into the adirondacks. his options are usually limited for wide open spaces but last weekend we explored the nearby estuary. come to find out, it was actually a bird sanctuary without birds.

nate’s recent project has been building a canoe. he found a book on boat building, bought some wood and began building. so far the pieces are glued together, and now it’s just a matter of applying epoxy to keep it afloat. our basement has become a boat building workshop, much to the chagrin of our landlord who knocked on our door and started talking about how he doesn’t like what’s going on the basement.

DSC01975 e

last week we made a trip to visit nate’s parents in cleveland. we always leave well fed, well rested with a backseat full of furniture and household items. we also got to see nate’s 7-month old nephew who is adorable and funny and cuddly, so of course nate’s mom and i spent some time at kohl’s cooing over miniature clothing. he doesn’t do much except stick objects in his mouth and headbutt people gently but he’s pretty cute.

we also finally went to an indians game which is kind of a glimpse into nate’s childhood. we sat near the drummer, crammed in between a row of sweaty, oversized frat boys and a row of screaming children on surprisingly small seats.



  1. haha, fun post.

    Wow… I want to make a boat!!! I feel like I’ve suggested it to a couple guy friends but they never actually put it to action. That’s great Nate is able to do it. He’ll have to help me when I make my own one day!


  2. nate always has a freak project going on… i love it..
    you guys always look like you’re having a splendid ole time erry day erry hour.. i envy ya’ll’s married life. mine sucks. no i’m kidding i don’t have one.
    i’m glad i will remain anonymous har har har

    i would like to ride in that canoe one day while eating sprigs of freshly grown cilantro from ya garden. invite me prease.


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