two, dos, deux, 二

nate and i have been married two years! a couple weeks ago i suggested ways we could celebrate, to which he responded with shrugging and grunting. i have learned to be more flexible and accepted the likelihood of doing something last minute i.e. chipotle. nate can’t keep surprises, but early saturday morning he went out for breakfast with some guys, then came bursting through the door asking if i was ready to go. confused, i asked where we were going. turns out he had set alarms with recordings of him explaining a plan to drive out to the north fork. unfortunately, i sleep through alarms so that part didn’t quite go according to plan. after packing, we set off. nate had prepared for the drive with my favorite picnic: baguette, charcuterie, brie, strawberries.

after driving through the smokestacks of jersey and the chaos of nyc, we made it in time for dinner. reservations, driving directions, dress code? check! after dinner we walked around the waterfront town, watched the ferry cart people and cars back and forth to shelter island while listening to the blues band playing at one of the restaurants and strolled along the marina full of bobbing yachts.

two years ago, the idea of getting married was terrifying. after a sleepless night, my bridesmaids and i ran around to all the bars at 11am looking for a shot of whiskey thirty minutes before the ceremony. i was scared of tripping on my dress, of having a failed marriage, that nate would be a monster, of losing my independence, of being terrible parents. we are both realistic and practical, so we never had the problem of wondering where the romance of dating went. we hear a lot of people talk about how post-honeymoon the husband sits on the couch engrossed in espn, while the wife stews silently and wishes he would plan a romantic evening. we hear about couples falling short of expectations, about the lack of communication. there have been ups and downs for us, and we don’t have the answer to how two stubborn, prideful, opinionated, sinful individuals can live without conflict. through prayer and by grace we had great pre-marital counseling that we keep turning back to, we know several couples that are examples to us and we’ve noticed that marriage can actually be the best form of accountability. we’re learning things like letting go of pride, building trust, serving one another, communicating effectively, being thankful and becoming better friends. my fears have gradually abated. the past two years have been incredible. cheers!

p.s. our church has been going through a really great series on dating & marriage this summer, check it out here.

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  1. three things on my mind, and four for the heck of it: 1. Congratttttsssssss!!!!! very proud of and happy for you guys! 2. I love and miss you guys!!!!! 3. i found nate’s sexy poses to actually be quite sexy…;) 4. this album convinced me to grow out my hair, HA!


  2. We heard from insiders about the whiskey shots but thought we should hear from the mare’s mouth!!! So, here we have it.. love you tons.. can’t wait for Jan 6.. We have nasi lemak when you get here.


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