oh hello.

reasons for the year-long hiatus:

  • philly is still just phine, i was hoping that at this point it would be phantastic.
  • took a couple of classes at westmin, writing papers and reading textbooks.
  • nate is leading our small group which means weekends are packed.
  • several weeks in malaysia at the beginning of the year.
  • we sadly moved out of our beloved hobbit hole. we live in a real house now but still sequester ourselves in the attic although we now have a deck. we have been spending a lot of time out there. nate strung up some christmas lights and a hammock.
  • pregnant! the first trimester was brutal. jan-april was spent in a blur, curled up under a pile of blankets and nibbling on buttered toast. we barely ate an actual meal for three months since i couldn’t handle the smell of uncooked food and the thought of expending energy was nauseating.

the first time nate & i went to malaysia was while we were dating, and we tried to cram a lot into a short time. sensory and cultural overload plus general dating woes contributed to a lot of arguing and wondering if this cross-cultural cross-racial relationship could work.

the second trip was after our wedding, for the reception my parents planned. we walked down a red carpet past hundreds of of their friends eager to shake our hands and tell me how they knew me when i was this little. nate sang a song he composed on the piano, then proceeded to yam-seng the crowd into a shocked silence (the tradition is that after someone makes a toast, he leads the guests in yelling a prolonged “yaaam” for as long as they can, then everyone clinks glasses and yell “seng!“. nate yelled so loud and for so long that silence fell). we stayed in one of the nicest hotel rooms i’ve seen, complete with a shower room where water tumbled out of the ceiling; complementary gin, whiskey and vodka; and poolside service of chilled water and a warm towel at 7 in the morning. as much fun as it was, most of that trip was spent with relatives or running reception-related errands.

this trip was the first time we were able to just to hang out with my parents and brother. my dad booked us on a family vacation to an island that some rich guy bought and built a private resort on. we stayed in chalets, had our meals in open-air restaurants overlooking the sea, had access to a private beach and hiking trails through the jungle, complete with wildlife like peacocks that walked through the resort. that part wasn’t so great, but the rest of it was amazing.

nate’s summer is composed of: rock climbing, tennis, jogging at my pace, soccer, looking for jobs, eagerly awaiting the baby, taking naps in the hammock. my summer will look like: speedwalking, finding comfortable positions to sleep in, trying not to hyperventilate at the thought of a baby.

DSC02589 e

DSC02581 e




  1. glad to see you back on here!!! I suppose someday we should catch up on the phone again… I think we have hit a new record this time…


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