last week two guys from our youth group in chicago took the bus out to philly which probably took about 15 hours. nate planned on taking them rock climbing, camping, steaks, water ice, etc. they also wanted to go up to nyc and DC which made for a pretty activity packed week we themed ‘americana’. they learned how to pitch a tent, build a fire, sleep in the woods, lie awake in the woods, follow a hiking trail, run for their lives, climb a vertical stone wall, order steaks philly style, order a hoagie from wawa and hit the bulls eye on a paper target with a rifle. they played pick up soccer in the middle of the city, walked a million blocks in nyc, were assailed by times sq, ate dinner from a food cart, walked the national mall, mistook the capitol for the white house (my fault) and witnessed the difference between caucasian and asian families.

this week reminded us of all the mentors we’ve had. i like to think their impact will have a ripple effect. hopefully we managed to be a good influence. we were impressed by how they showed kindness and generosity towards others. i miss hanging out with these kids. our church in philly has no youth group so we hang out with adults. it has been good to spend time with peers but sometimes i think we are perpetually misplaced, being kid-like as well as old souls who would rather sit on the porch with a good book and baggy underwear. many people we meet are so busy. it could be the east coast pace of life or maybe everyone has more friends, greater ambition and pack their schedules full.

next month is my due date! i feel delinquent and overwhelmed, terrified about delivery, parenting, our marriage, responsibility and aging. in many ways of course, it is also exciting to feel the little kicks and squirms, wondering what she’ll look like and what her personality will be. it’s great to meet parents who clearly love having kids. then there are parents who roll their eyes and say things like, “you’ll see, your body will never be the same” or “it’s fun at first, but you just wait” or “do as much as you can in the next month, because once the baby comes”.

jiwoo kevin visit aug 2012 DC (5).jpg



  1. Great article

    I’m doing family tree. Can u give me names and DOB of all of Nate’s family members?


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  2. i love this post. i miss you guys and i will pray for your bebe to be beautiful and halfing-y. she is so blessed to have you guys as parents..!!!!!


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