sweater weather

the other morning nate walked downstairs in a knitted vest. i guess that means the end of summer, warmth, impromptu ice cream trips and emi crawling around in a onesie. it also means an end to spray grounds. emi loves patting the surface of the water, finding rocks and sticks to chew on and babbling to other kids. i’ve discovered that i’m pretty inept at making friends with other moms. i usually freeze and my mind starts scrambling for things to say or debating what not to say.

our summer was packed with a couple trips for weddings, having a number of people visit including 20 kids from LA and busy work schedules for both of us. with emi at the age where she can interact and do more, we’ve been looking for kid-friendly activities in our free time. parks are a favorite, in particular the swings and climbing up the slide. she hasn’t figured out how to slide down and usually just pitches herself forward. the other night i was trying to remember what we used to do before she was born, and realized that there actually isn’t a long list of things i miss about the pre-baby days. seeing her little feet dangling from the bucket swings and her baby laughs as she drifts back and forth make lugging diapers and strollers around worth it. i like to get things done and keep her occupied with toys, but try to remember to drop things and spend time playing with her. laundry now sits in the dryer for days, the house has accumulated a solid layer of dirt, and there are toys and random things left all over the floor.

chi aug 2013 (2)



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