introverted mother

nate sent me this article the other day, and it had me in tears because i haven’t taken the time to realize that i am an introverted mother. i find myself questioning whether i’m a good parent because emi’s persistent needs can be overwhelming. when i’m in the kitchen, she’ll pat my legs and rub her face into the backs of my knees, whining to be picked up. she wants to watch what i’m doing, even if it’s washing dishes. some moms would have no problem resting her on their hip but i find this extremely frustrating.

i am a task-oriented, quiet and independent person. but i need to work on that initial tendency to push her away or get frustrated at how she follows me everywhere, watches my every move and reaches for anything i’m holding. i try to think about her needs and remind myself that she’s wants to learn or is seeking comfort. this phase is so brief but so difficult. it’s become somewhat easier to take time to pause and attend to her, and i’ve become better about planning and figuring out what is necessary in that moment.



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