toddler days

it’s amazing how someone barely 3 feet tall can take up so much time, energy, resources and space. then they ask for more. the past year of toddlerdom has been my favorite year out of two eventful years. since 1 there has been a spike in her physical, cognitive and emotional development and i’ve regained some personal time and space. she’s been able to follow me without having to be carried, she’s become more adventurous, i.e. climbing onto chairs, tables, up and down steps. it is amazing to see how quickly she is absorbing vocabulary and increasing her mental map of the world.

she repeats the last word of every phrase and is learning to ask for what she needs. she loves to dance and listen to music, jump, slide, take walks, ride her scooter, color, watch dora and look at photos of herself. she generally would rather be chased than smothered in a hug, but every now and then she’ll offer a slobbery kiss. she is also testing her boundaries which means fits, tears and frustration when she is told no. sometimes she’s tired and sometimes she just wants her way. it can be hard to figure out when discipline is necessary, and when we need to just sit on the couch and reset.

things have been on the upswing over the past several months. she started in a daycare about two months’ ago but after a couple weeks of tears and somber adjustment, she seems to enjoy it. the staff are friendly and caring, it seems well managed and the kids seem to be in good spirits when i pick her up at the end of the day. she seems to have figured out that  it just means a few hours of playing with a room full of toys vs. the pile of jar lids at home, having a playground at your disposal, fun snacks and friends to play with. we’ll soon be able to take turns taking care of her at home again, but for now i am grateful for how she was able to transition to full-time daycare. maybe all the happy summer days spent at the park will soon come to an end. i don’t know if we’re about to hit the so-called terrible 2s, but for now, we’re enjoying these toddler days.

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