adios philadelphia

if ya haven’t heard… we’re moving to santiago, chile at the beginning of August! nate will be working as a youth pastor at a church and our plan is to stay there for 3-5 years, after which we hope to return to philly. this will be continent #4, city #8 and home #who knows for me, so in a lot of ways this is familiar territory. however, with a toddler and husband and as the adult in this dynamic, it’s also vastly different. moving around as a child meant that there were a lot of first days in a new school, a lot of goodbyes, a lot of feeling lost and confused and many many flights and airports. as a parent you can only hope that your child will adapt quickly and that learning to part with things and people will have a minimum impact. we’ve been trying to prepare emi, telling her that we’re moving to chile. she usually asks if we’re going on an airplane and if she can come with us. she’s seen her toys go out the door, seen us box things up and the house slowly empty out. i’m thankful that she is pretty flexible and loves to see new things and be outdoors, which would seem to bode well for moving across the globe.

this was one of the harder decisions we’ve had to make. some consider living overseas a glamorous venture, especially if we’re talking about missions, racking up holy points while living among the heathens. we had to think through whether we just wanted to try something new (at least on my end), or whether this was the right move. some might say we feel God calling us to santiago, but i think at the end of the day, there was no “right” decision. we just had to assess the situation to the best of our ability, make a decision and commit to it. i believe that God will use us no matter where we are.

it’s a bittersweet time as we figure out the logistics of moving and spend time with friends and family in the US. i have a lot of fear about raising children in an unfamiliar environment and the challenges that come with transition. we of course have great hopes for our time in santiago, but i’m also trying to stay realistic. circumstances change, life ebbs and flows, and i’ll do my best to update along the way!