oven living

there is no air flow and we’ve realized just how hot it can get in our attic home. we have become increasingly grateful for a little window AC unit that nate found at a thrift store, except that we only have one which has been installed in our bedroom. we progressed from eating on the couch in our living room to eating on our bed.

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homesick holiday humbug


holiday season! festivities! gaiety! obnoxious spectacle of lights and blow up lawn ornaments! i will never understand the appeal of lawn ornaments, let alone inflatable lawn ornaments, let alone covering your entire lawn with ornaments. pretty sure it just creates a driving hazard and does not actually contribute to spreading holiday cheer.

rant done.

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creatures of habit

we’re embarking on a journey to obesity and beyond. our church organizes parish events every couple months, and the most recent was a cheesesteak crawl. some were pretty shady spots where we parked under an overpass, shuffled along unlit streets and realized that much of philly can only be described as grimy. despite eating cheese from a can, the combination of a “cheesesteak whiz wit” is worth the experience. we ended the night by cramming 20 asians and one large white man into an elevator, which proceeded to grind to a halt in protest half a floor up. we would probably still be crammed in there if not for nate who reached out and pried the doors open.

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now taking gold donations.

i recently read through the account of the israelites and the infamous golden calf in Exodus 32. we’re quick to scoff at their building of an idol. obvious disobedience to God. but it struck me that they had given up on Moses because he was taking so long up on the mountain. the seven chapters that fall between his ascent and their venture into idol building are long enough of a read, let alone how long it must have taken for the conversation between God and Moses to occur.

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