winter phun

i was introduced to winter at the age of eight, when we first moved to France and my parents decided to take us on a road trip to some godforsaken land covered in snow. until then, we lived in the tropics of southeastern asia or the deserts of the middle east, so my mother felt it was necessary to deck me out in ski gear for a walk through town. i was to be paraded in public wearing mint green ski gear with pink detailing. the pants were too small, adding that wedgie factor. i protested vehemently, wailing and kicking and stomping. the irony of this is that i now consider buying a snow suit every winter to wear in everyday situations like grocery shopping.

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homesick holiday humbug


holiday season! festivities! gaiety! obnoxious spectacle of lights and blow up lawn ornaments! i will never understand the appeal of lawn ornaments, let alone inflatable lawn ornaments, let alone covering your entire lawn with ornaments. pretty sure it just creates a driving hazard and does not actually contribute to spreading holiday cheer.

rant done.

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