a couple weeks ago we celebrated our third anniversary, again setting out for the north fork for a never ending flow of wine and mild inebriation. on the way up, we stopped by the halal chicken & rice in nyc. last time nate was told not to add too much hot sauce and felt it lacked flavor, so this time he asked the guy to douse it in hot sauce. the guy smirked and began pouring. we stood on the street while nate ate the entire plate in the time it took me to take a couple bites. half of his weekend was spent in the bathroom. we love going out to the north fork and hit up our favorites – the local brewery, sunday brunch, local bookstore, reminiscing about college and wincing at old pictures, barbecued seafood, sitting for hours in sun-drenched stupor, hanging out with good friends, listening to live music and for everyone else glass after glass of wine and beer.

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two, dos, deux, 二

nate and i have been married two years! a couple weeks ago i suggested ways we could celebrate, to which he responded with shrugging and grunting. i have learned to be more flexible and accepted the likelihood of doing something last minute i.e. chipotle. nate can’t keep surprises, but early saturday morning he went out for breakfast with some guys, then came bursting through the door asking if i was ready to go. confused, i asked where we were going. turns out he had set alarms with recordings of him explaining a plan to drive out to the north fork. unfortunately, i sleep through alarms so that part didn’t quite go according to plan. after packing, we set off. nate had prepared for the drive with my favorite picnic: baguette, charcuterie, brie, strawberries.

after driving through the smokestacks of jersey and the chaos of nyc, we made it in time for dinner. reservations, driving directions, dress code? check! after dinner we walked around the waterfront town, watched the ferry cart people and cars back and forth to shelter island while listening to the blues band playing at one of the restaurants and strolled along the marina full of bobbing yachts.

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now taking gold donations.

i recently read through the account of the israelites and the infamous golden calf in Exodus 32. we’re quick to scoff at their building of an idol. obvious disobedience to God. but it struck me that they had given up on Moses because he was taking so long up on the mountain. the seven chapters that fall between his ascent and their venture into idol building are long enough of a read, let alone how long it must have taken for the conversation between God and Moses to occur.

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