adios philadelphia

if ya haven’t heard… we’re moving to santiago, chile at the beginning of August! nate will be working as a youth pastor at a church and our plan is to stay there for 3-5 years, after which we hope to return to philly. this will be continent #4, city #8 and home #who knows for me, so in a lot of ways this is familiar territory. however, with a toddler and husband and as the adult in this dynamic, it’s also vastly different. moving around as a child meant that there were a lot of first days in a new school, a lot of goodbyes, a lot of feeling lost and confused and many many flights and airports. as a parent you can only hope that your child will adapt quickly and that learning to part with things and people will have a minimum impact. we’ve been trying to prepare emi, telling her that we’re moving to chile. she usually asks if we’re going on an airplane and if she can come with us. she’s seen her toys go out the door, seen us box things up and the house slowly empty out. i’m thankful that she is pretty flexible and loves to see new things and be outdoors, which would seem to bode well for moving across the globe.

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baby 24/7

things have been busy; giving birth, figuring out this baby thing, keeping pace with all the changes as she learned to roll, crawl and move progressively towards adulthood. every week there’s something new to adjust to: creating barricades to the stairs, putting things out of reach, making baby food, covering outlets. it’s amazing how quickly she goes from struggling to flip over to taking first steps.

on rough days, i feel exhausted, stifled, overwhelmed, weighed down by the immense sense of responsibility and think longingly about sleeping in on saturday mornings. on most days, i feel exhausted but thrilled at how beautiful she is and what a gift God has given us. she has brought me so much joy, but has also challenged me in how selfish, controlling and impatient i am. my patience and tolerance has been tested to the limits, and i find myself in very ugly moments punching walls and crying into my pillow.

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oh hello.

reasons for the year-long hiatus:

  • philly is still just phine, i was hoping that at this point it would be phantastic.
  • took a couple of classes at westmin, writing papers and reading textbooks.
  • nate is leading our small group which means weekends are packed.
  • several weeks in malaysia at the beginning of the year.
  • we sadly moved out of our beloved hobbit hole. we live in a real house now but still sequester ourselves in the attic although we now have a deck. we have been spending a lot of time out there. nate strung up some christmas lights and a hammock.
  • pregnant! the first trimester was brutal. jan-april was spent in a blur, curled up under a pile of blankets and nibbling on buttered toast. we barely ate an actual meal for three months since i couldn’t handle the smell of uncooked food and the thought of expending energy was nauseating.

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